Techo Electra- The Future Of Automotive Industry!

Posted: 2018-01-15 11:00 AM

Techo Electra- The Future Of Automotive Industry!

In recent times, fuel prices are soaring and have been a concern for most of the population in India. Budgets have been going for a toss individually and for the country on the whole. Not only India but neighbouring countries like China, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka are also bearing the brunt of high crude oil prices. The US sanctions against Iranian oil import have put these countries in a fix, which has impacted their oil supply.

The electric scooters are quieter, more efficient, easier to operate, and do not produce gas fumes that is one of the biggest reason that pollutes the environment. The operating cost of an electric scooter (charging vs. fuel) will be about 1/10 that of a gas scooter per km, considerably reducing your daily expenses. Needless to say that electric scooters are cheap, they are best when it comes to choosing alternative mode of transportation. You don�t have to depend upon fuel as these scooters run on battery.

The government's initiative is to transform the country's automobile industry to an energy sufficient one by 2030. In the modern world that is constantly on the lookout for more convenient solutions, TechoElectra scooters are the most sustainable and Eco-friendly means of commute available today. With almost zero maintenance costs, they are easy on the pocket and facilitate environmental protection. To top it off it also assures performance par excellence. Our electronic bikes offer exponential value for your money over petrol and diesel vehicles. Techo electra offers a range of vehicles from which you can choose the one that suits your style.