Why choose Techo Electra scooters?

  • Deep technical and design knowledge, backed by practical and first-hand automotive manufacturing experience of our Founders & Management Team
  • Countless hours of R&D have been invested to bring you mobility options
  • Every Techo Electra vehicle is feature packed & loaded with cutting - edge technology
  • 4+ Unique models for every unique purpose
  • Certified & Approved by ARAI / Government of India
  • Extensive testing to surpass industry standards
  • We care for you as we care for freedom of mobility. Enjoy a limitless experience on every route.

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Enable a new age of Mobility

Techo Electra, one of the well-known electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India is a symphony of modern technologies, unapologetic design aesthetics and untethered quality. Each of our vehicles launched is engineered to make riding an easy journey without adding the complications that come with age-old mobility.

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2021-06-23 11:00 AM

Pune's Techo Electra Motors Introduces New Electric Scooter Range

There's new new electric mobility start-up in town & Pune's Techo Electra Motors plans to provide a range of scooters for commercial & personal mobility under it's brand name. The company currently ha...

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2021-06-16 11:00 AM

नितीन गडकरी अब सिर्फ इलेक्ट्रिक कार से करेंगे सफर

केंद्रीय मंत्री नितीन गडकरी बुलेट प्रूफ कार की जगह इलेक्ट्रिक कार से चलने क...

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2018-05-09 11:00 AM

Will electronic two-wheeler really make a difference?

We have all heard about how electronic bikes are the future of the automobile industry and how it makes the environment livable in the long run. The real question here is whether it is practical to di...

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Techo Electro

  • We are a turbo charged team of innovators, designers, bikers, nature - lovers and the odd 'tree-hugger'. With an R&D facility situated at the hub of India's automobile industry - Pune - the crew is all set to bring back an electric revolution of style, comfort and quality to the Indian roads. Our vision is to become the best electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India with our expertise and innovative designs.

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