Electric scooters are non-geared two-wheelers that work like a regular scooter but run on electricity. The components and other electrical parts all covered that give the rider an extra layer of safety, on every route.

No, our scooters do not warrant any official papers or license issue by the road authorities

If the vehicle power is below 250 Watts, No registration is required under the motor vehicle act, 1988, GSR 589 E dated 16.09.2005 Exemption Criteria.

Around 6 to 7 hours for lead-acid battery and 4 to 5 hour for li-ion battery.

Yes, you can wash your E-Vehicle with water but NO high pressure should be used

No, you cannot do this type of modification on e-vehicle.

Yes, you can ride your e-vehicle in monsoon. You have to take some precautions like you should not ride in deep water. After riding, the vehicle should be parked in a dry place or under covered place. After the ride, make sure the vehicle and components are kept dry.

Yes, our Techo Electra Vehicles come with Owner�s manual, which gives you all information related to the vehicle use, ride, safety, service & warranty..

Techo Electra scooters are maintenance free.

Well, yes you can. But we would be sad to see you not part of the revolution!

No, and we don�t intend on making one. We are true to our vision of a cleaner and safer India.

You can recharge our scooters where ever you can plug in your mobile charger

16 years and above

Yes, you can. We have a provision for it

Our spare parts will be available at the Techo Electra Dealer Showrooms