Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions ? We’ve made it simple.

What is the difference between an electric scooter and electric bike ?

 Electric scooters are non-geared two-wheelers that work like a regular scooter but run on electricity. The components and other electrical parts all covered that give the rider an extra layer of safety, on every route.

Do I need to have a driving license or any official documents to use this on the road ?

No, our scooters do not warrant any official papers or license issue by the road authorities

Does my e-vehicle need registration?

If the vehicle power is below 250 Watts, No registration is required under the motor vehicle act, 1988, GSR 589 E dated 16.09.2005 Exemption Criteria.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Around 6 to 7 hours for lead-acid battery and 4 to 5 hour for li-ion battery.

Can i wash my e-vehicle with water?

Yes, you can wash your E-Vehicle with water but NO high pressure should be used.

Can I retrofit any other motor or battery or modify my e-vehicle?

No, you cannot do this type of modification on e-vehicle.

Can I ride my e-vehicle in the monsoons?

Yes, you can ride your e-vehicle in monsoon. You have to take some precautions like you should not ride in deep water. After riding, the vehicle should be parked in a dry place or under covered place. After the ride, make sure the vehicle and components are kept dry.

How often does this need servicing ?

Techo Electra scooters are maintenance free.

Is there a hybrid version of this as yet ?

No, and we don’t intend on making one. We are true to our vision of a cleaner and safer India.

What sort of charging point do I need to recharge my Techo Electra scooter ? Can I recharge it anywhere ?

You can recharge our scooters where ever you can plug in your mobile charger.

Can I charge my e-vehicle if I stay on the 1st Floor?

Yes, you can. We have a provision for it.

Does my scooter come with a user manual?

Yes, our Techo Electra Vehicles come with Owner’s manual, which gives you all information related to the vehicle use, ride, safety, service & warranty.

Can I resell these scooters without any official documents or transfer of ownership receipt ?

Well, yes you can. But we would be sad to see you not part of the revolution!

Incase of damage, where do I get spare parts for the scooter ?

Our spare parts will be available at the Techo Electra Dealer Showrooms