Is Rural Sector The Next Big Market For Electric Scooters?

Posted: 2021-05-9 11:00 AM

Is Rural Sector The Next Big Market For Electric Scooters?

Cars often aren't the quickest way to travel in densely populated, urban areas. Electric Scooters are usually a relief to avoid traffic, save time and money, and eliminate harmful emissions. Techo Electra electric scooters have been the most trending mode of commute in the urban areas, befitting the lifestyle of the urban dwellers. Its alluring designs are becoming a favourite for the youth. The exploding popularity of electric scooters in the cities is one of the biggest news today.

According to recent research, scooters are the most preferred mode of commute in the rural and semi-urban sectors of India as well, because it is easy on the pockets, supreme on technology and is highly functional. Scooters have been outpacing the overall two-wheeler industry growth rate for some time, and now major players say that growth from the rural areas has picked up too.

Techo Electra has designed technologically smart electric scooters that are easy to ride yet delivers powerful performance at all times. The e-scooters are engineered to replace the age-old scooters that run on fuel, increasing your monthly expenses and polluting the environment with harmful emissions. There are super trendy looking variants, Neo, Raptor and Emerge, to suit the requirement and taste. They come in different and vibrant colours, letting you choose your favourite. Techo Electra scooters run on lithium- ion batteries so that there is no compromise on the quality of performance. Freeing the riders from the hassle of paying a heavy price to commute and keeping them away from standing in long queues. Techo Electra is also budget-friendly which is an essential feature for the people of rural sector along with the ease to ride the scooters on roads that are not even properly paved.

Kisan Agri Trade Fair saw a magnanimous shift in the automobile industry. The audience from the rural sector preferred electric scooters over the regular scooters as they were convinced about the convenience it offers at such an alluring price range. Techo Electra's electric scooters are the future of the automobile industry. Hop on to a ride so trendy, fashionable and apt for Indian roads to experience a worry- free journey.