Will electronic two-wheeler really make a difference?

Posted: 2021-05-9 11:00 AM

Will electronic two-wheeler really make a difference?

We have all heard about how electronic bikes are the future of the automobile industry and how it makes the environment livable in the long run. The real question here is whether it is practical to ditch the fuel powered two-wheelers and choose electronic two-wheelers for your daily hustle? Are they good enough for the Indian road and heavy traffic that it has to face on a daily basis? Are they feasible? Do they fit your budget? Will they really help you save money?

What is the difference?

Two-wheelers are a convenience in your daily hustle and commute. Electronic scooters are the perfect replacements for the regular ones as they give you more efficiency, more mileage and all this at an affordable price. Besides being budget-friendly, the advanced technologies incorporated in the mechanism of the scooter to give an outstanding performance at all times.

The fuel price has always been a concern during month ends and fluctuating prices set by the Government. Electronic bikes give you the freedom of not spending a penny of fuel and just charging the batteries to run the vehicle for more than 40 kilometres. It does not affect your monthly budgets and saves more money.

Our environment is at risk from a very long time due to pollution and harmful emissions caused due to the fuel-driven vehicles. Electronic bikes are a relief to our environmental problems. They are free from the harmful emissions of the fuel but its extraordinary features make sure that it gives a performance par excellence.

Lithium Ion batteries are an additional advantage of buying an electronic bike where you can detach the batteries and charge it anywhere according to your convenience. High performance batteries are part of the design which gives a mileage of 70 kilometres whereas fuel driven bikes give around 45 kilometres per litre of fuel.

Electronic two-wheelers are not only efficient but also fashionable on point. Techo Electra offers a range of electronica scooters in various bright colours. Highly functional yet designed to match the trending designs of the automobile industry so that flaunting your new ride is as fun as riding it.

What is the difference? Is it for the better or worse?

Techo Electra aims to bring a revolutionary change in the automobile industry by introducing a range of electronic two-wheelers, Emerge, Neo and Raptor. All three are designed with the best of technology are ARAI certified. Its exceptional technology gives high performance. The batteries are �green batteries� that are energy efficient.

The experts have put in endless hours of research to bring the three models that look trendy, function flawlessly and fits your pocket too. Experience mobility of supreme level in environmental friendly two-wheelers